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January 9, 2018

October 27, 2017

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iPhone Makeover

January 3, 2016

 It’s 2016, and I’ve fallen in love with my iPhone again.

This morning I lied in bed and swiped through my phone, and then I pondered something: When’s the last time I played Doodle Jump? Or Monopoly? Or used Babbel?

So I deleted the space wasters and downloaded two new apps to keep me on track with what’s important in my life. I also signed up for a new savings program that I’m excited to share with you all.

  1. Digit (Savings Account Program)– When you sign up for Digit, the website will ask you to sync your primary bank account to it. Once your account has been verified, Digit will analyze your spending patterns, predict your cash flow and withdraw an amount every week, between $5-$50, and deposit it into your Digitsavings account. It’s designed to help you save without noticing it.

Your funds are insured and you can withdraw from your Digitsavings anytime via text and your funds will go directly into your checking account the next business day, penalty free. Signing up is free and convenient, but just a head’s up– it’s not an interest bearing account. I look forward to seeing how much I save throughout the year.


2. Dot (Fertility Tracking)- For the ladies, Dot is an app that tracks your period. I used Period Tracker Lite before, but I upgraded to Dot because of its easy to use features and ambiguous icon. Users have raved that the app is spot on– no pun intended– with predicting their upcoming cycles. It also shows how you can take advantage of your biological calendar to plan for pregnancy, or prevent it if you're not ready to have children or no longer wish to expand your family. Plus it’s good to track them to monitor your health. So long as you consistently update it, this app will be beneficial.



3.  Headspace (Meditation App)– I’m using the app’s 10-day free trial and I’m already thinking about subscribing. Before I left my room this morning, I grabbed my iPhone, sat on the edge of the bed with my feet planted on the floor and did my first meditation exercise for 10 minutes. This app is great for those who need time to clear their minds to conquer the day.



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