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January 9, 2018

October 27, 2017

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5 Tips To Host An Insta-Worthy Bridal Brunch

October 24, 2017



Chris and I have spent a blissful nine years together before we got engaged. In that time I went off to college, twice, lived abroad, switched careers, and had the privilege of meeting my closest friends along the way. 

And here I am now, feeling the love as my besties (now bridesmaids) come together to help me prepare for the next phase of my life with Chris. What better way to kick off the pre-nuptial festivities than by having brunch with them? I mean, when is brunch ever a bad idea? 


If you're looking for tips on how to give your gathering that special flare for the bride-to-be, or for a friend on their birthday for that matter, look no further. (Shoutout to my Matron of Honor Flora, whose creativity has inspired me to write this)


1) Bridal brunch is not to be confused with a Bridal shower. This is a casual affair that's strictly an opportunity for the bridesmaids to catch up-- or to get acquainted if they're meeting for the first time. If you're the go-to person for this event, bring some photo props and have the crew come up with some games to help break the ice. 


2) Select a restaurant that provides a private or semi-private space and a communal table for quality interaction. This will create an intimate setting and free up the group to laugh and talk openly without having to slap earmuffs on the kid sitting behind you. Plus, nothing photographs better than happiness.


3) Look for a restaurant that offers a variety of menu options, especially for people in your crew that have specific dietary needs. And the best part? The more options there are the more creative you can get with your photos. Yeah, you know what buttermilk pancakes look like, but have you ever seen a stack of gluten free fruity pebble pancakes before? Cue Aladdin theme song. #AWholeNewWorld

4) It's all in the details. Personalize the table with elements that fit a style or theme that you're going for. Add items with different colors and textures, like a festive table runner, vases, balloons, or even framed quotes and photographs to give your space that lavish touch. 


5) What's brunch without champagne? Oh, it's just breakfast. Before you pop that bottle, prep the table with custom champagne flutes or goblets so everyone enjoys a glass of bubbly in style. Not only do they make great gifts, they also help when it comes to dressing up your table-- and your photos! Need inspiration? Let me introduce you to my friend, Etsy. She'll hook you up.


What are some other ways you can get creative when you host a party that's insta-worthy? Share your ideas below! 

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