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January 9, 2018

October 27, 2017

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Gloria Allred to the City of San Diego, ‘Filner is Finished’

August 30, 2013

 Photo by Nathan Rupert


Bye-bye Bob Filner.

The San Diego mayor is scheduled to resign today at 5 p.m. and faces a criminal investigation after 18 women came out and accused him of sexual harassment.

Although Filner, 70, publicly apologized for his sexual misconduct and underwent two weeks of therapy, he agreed to resign after reaching a deal with city council, the Los Angeles Times reports. 

But is it necessary to throw him a going away party? Attorney Gloria Allred thinks so.

On the local news this morning, Allred, 72, sat amid a display of balloons and flower bouquets in front of television cameras with three of Filner’s accusers at this morning’s news conference.

She proclaimed that this is a day for celebrating because, “San Diego will finally be free of Bob Filner and all the shame he brought to the city of San Diego.”

She even brought him parting gifts.

Her first gift was a wallet-sized laminated card that she showed the news conference– and to the viewers at home– the definition of sexual harassment according to the California Fair and Employment Housing Act.

The second gift was a mirror, which Allred said that Filner can use to see that he has himself to blame for his downfall.

Lastly, she dug into her gift bag and pulled out a card addressed to him and read out loud, “Dear Bob, although our time together has been brief, I look forward to seeing you again soon at your deposition. Good luck.”

San Diego City Council President Todd Gloria will fill in as interim mayor until November.

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