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January 9, 2018

October 27, 2017

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Things I do while I sit in L.A. traffic (that I probably shouldn’t)

July 16, 2013

This summer I’m interning for the Gotham Group, a production company located on Sunset Boulevard, the epicenter of Hollywood’s glamorous hotels and nightlife, favored by celebrity-worshipping tourists and money hungry paparazzi.

Although I enjoy working at Gotham, I’m commuting from Orange County to West Hollywood three times a week for this opportunity. My gas tank has a bigger appetite than Jabba the Hutt.

The Daily Fuel Gauge Report says the national average price of gas today is $3.63 per gallon, so I expect to spend approximately $110 every week for the next few weeks.  My eyes cringe when I look at my bank statements, but in order to achieve some goals in life I have to make some sacrifices.

So instead of sulking over my depleting bank account any longer, I decided to make use of my time on the road, wisely and unwisely.

This is not a guide, so please don’t try this at home!




1) Google a random celebrity and find out what they’re up to: Are they starring in some hip HBO series I haven’t watched yet? Are they selling cutlery on infomercials? Are they still ALIVE?

2) Listen to an audiobook, most recently Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? for the second time.

3) Impatiently bite my fingernails. More than likely I’m already running late.

4) Clip my fingernails. I know, don’t ask.

5) Pluck my eyebrows. Can’t let those strays get away.

6) Ask myself if I turned off the curling iron before I left my apartment.

7) Reconsider what I’m having for lunch even though I already packed one – I brought a romaine salad, but a grilled chicken pesto sandwich from Citrus on Sunset sounds much more appetizing! 

8) Place my iPhone on the dashboard and listen/watch episodes of South Park on Hulu, especially episodes with Randy Marsh on them.

9) Get ready for work. This means putting my makeup on while my foots on the break and/or changing my outfit while I’m at a complete stop if needed. I’m shamelessly proud of this.

10) Cautiously read articles for my online media writing course.

Don’t judge me. And if there’s an officer reading this, forgive me.

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