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January 9, 2018

October 27, 2017

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This Week in España

October 19, 2012

Here’s a brief update on what’s being covered on the news this week:


A massive nationwide education strike began on Tuesday, October 16. Just like Spain’s healthcare, the country’s education system is in disarray.

According to the NYTimes, this is the first strike coordinated by Spain’s five main teachers’ unions, with 80% of teachers protesting against the government’s substantial cuts for education. With Spain’s second recession in three years, the government is taking drastic measures to restructure its collapsing economy.

As a result of these cuts, teachers will have to work more hours for the same pay. Tuition for students could increase by an upwards of 25%, which adds to the tripled amount they already pay.

Students are also protesting and voicing their opinions through media outlets and schools throughout the country  (many high schools and universities have been out of session). My host brother Diego had two excused absenses from school this week. Lucky kid.

Walls throughout Córdoba are tagged with slogans reminding us of their innumerous economic hardships, especially when it comes to their failing education system. It’s sad to see that education is suffering everywhere.

In other news: After a series of raids, Spanish officers successfully arrested more than 75 members of the Chinese mafia who were suspected of laundering hundreds of millions of euros and suspected of trafficking drugs and contraband goods into the country.

Amongst those arrested were gallery owner Gao Ping, councilor Jose Barajas from Madrid´s Cobo Calleja trading estate, which The Business Insider reported is one of the most important European hubs for the Chinese import industry. Spanish porn star Nacho Vidal was also arrested for his alleged involvement with this money laundering operation.

Is it just me, or does this sound like the perfect cast of characters for an epic Steven Soderbergh film? 

I’m currently in Sevilla and getting hungry- it’s time to grab some tapas! Enjoy your weekend.


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